How To Draw Anime Twins

how to draw anime twins
Ever wish your life was interesting like in your fantasies or dreams?

I am a anime/manga fan and I like the stories so much that I draw pictures and write stories of myself and people I would meet if I ever lived my own anime. I know how I want my story to be would absolutely love the chance to live it.
Having adventure with quirky friends with special character, have villains, my own special powers, meet up with different people and live a better less boring life then I have now.
see cool or wierd things like ghost, cat girls, angels, demons, vampire bats, clones, evil twins, and mythical creatures with love interest and rivals everywhere.
I mean life would be less boring if you could live somewhat of a interesting, adventures,eventful life.I just want to experience life like i do in my dreams and imagination and be in that world that I envision when I shut my eyes.

ive never thought of my life as udderly impossible, but once you realize that being awake is more like a dream, because you can control what happens…you cant control anything in a dream but you get to decide what happens in ‘real life’

How to Draw anime twins (female)


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